Drug Dosage

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Student Exploration: Drug Dosage

Vocabulary: controlled release, dosage, drug, overdose, target organ

Prior Knowledge Question (Do this BEFORE using the Gizmo.)

Suppose you take aspirin for a headache. What happens after you swallow the pill?

The aspirin starts begins to dissolve by the enzymes and are soaked in while traveling down to the stomach. They then are distributed to the areas that need the pain relief.

Gizmo Warm-up
A drug is a substance that causes changes in how your body functions. When you swallow a pill, the pill dissolves in your digestive system and the drug is absorbed into your bloodstream. Many drugs are designed to
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10. Think and discuss: Why is it important to determine the correct dosage schedule for a drug?

The dosage is important because if you give the patient to much it could cause an overdose but if you give them too less then it wont help relieve the pain.

|Activity B: |Get the Gizmo ready: |[pic] |
| |Click Reset. | |
|Controlled release |Select Pill Type B. | |

Question: How is the dosage of a longer-lasting pill determined?

1. Observe: Click Play and press Take Pill. Set the simulation speed to 20, and click Pause after 8 hours. Select the GRAPH tab.

A. What is the maximum blood concentration of the drug in pill B? 30 mcg

B. What is the shape of the graph? The graph is in the shape of a V

2. Explain: Pill B uses a technology called controlled release. It has a coating that slows the release of the drug. How does this fact explain the shape of the graph?

This explains why the graph is in a V because when the graph reaches the highest point, thats when the most of the drug was released.

3. Experiment: Use the Gizmo to determine the maximum and minimum blood concentrations of the


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