Organizational Behavior Concepts of at&T

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AT& T is the largest communications company in the world. The company is the leading U.S. provider of wireless, high speed Internet access, local and long distance voice, and directory publishing and advertising services. They have even expanded to include entertainment with television services called UVERSE TV. With the many accomplishments of this media giant its portrayal of evidenced practice of some successful organizational behavior concepts reveal clear understanding of leadership. AT & T has proven success through effective organizational behaviors that include focusing on organizational structure, organizational culture and communication.
Organization culture is the matter that holds a company intact. This is what makes each
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An organizational structure pertains to how job tasks are formally separated, grouped, and matched. There are six key elements that managers need to address when they design their organization’s structure. These are: work specialization, departmentalization, chain of command, span of control, centralization and decentralization, and formalization. With the acquisition of other companies positive attributes are an ensured result. Acquisitions are expected and intended to promote increased revenue and a broadened customer base. Acquisitions changed the structure of the business by incorporating departments that specialize in specific products of AT&T. Additionally, separation into different areas of expertise allowed an area that handles all of the wireless business that the company has. The company’s wireless business is the largest network in the nation, supplying voice and data services. AT&T serves 70.1 million wireless customers, more than any other U.S. wireless service provider (AT&T, 2008). Organizational structure changes brought implementation of another department that specializes in local and long distance calls as well as high speed internet. The last segment handles directory publishing and advertising services. AT&T operates the nation's largest directory publisher, delivering print directories to more than 83 million residences and businesses a year and publishing more than


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