The Rocking Horse Winner Analytical Essay

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Everyone Has a Secret That Controls The Inside

By: Anna DeWitt

Decatur High School

Living behind a façade in life can bring complications to those who value things in life. “The Rocking-Horse Winner” by D.H. Lawrence is a symbolic short story that represents the idea that the more one’s values lie with material goods the less one is able to connect with reality or the intangible tenets of life. This perspective is supported throughout the story by the direct characterization of Hester and Paul, the use of personification and similes and in the rising action to the conclusion’s gradual release of detail.
D.H. Lawrence accomplishes the theme by using dramatic relationships with the characters, Paul and
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Eyes, in this story was a symbol for truth in, “knew it was not so. They read it in each other’s eyes” (295) describing how the children know the truth about their mother and her unrealistic love for them. The eyes also showed the truth of the beholder, as shown in, “eyes that had an uncanny cold fire in them…” (303) which describes that the “cold fire” in his eyes were selfish and daring, not wanting to give up his desire to win and become lucky. Even after the successful wins at the derby, “the voices in the house suddenly went mad, like a chorus of frogs…” (304) developed the tone of greediness through personification and simile. The voice worsened as the boy’s desire increased, which symbolized that the “voices” are the materialistic attitude of the mother that haunts the house, and Paul. “He became wild-eyed and strange, as if something were going to explode in him” (305) materialism and selfishness took over his personality, as he is consumed by his own selfish desires, Paul is changed on the inside but the reader can see it through his eyes. It is elucidated in this story that life is in the eyes of the beholder.
D.H. Lawrence gave the reader insight of his theme by creating the story as an allegory, which had an underlying meaning about the rocking horse and how it relates to luck and wealth. As, “His uncle says, ‘he’s best gone out of a life where he rides his rocking horse to find a winner…’” (308) his uncle is explaining that Paul is better off