Sandusky Scandal

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Pennsylvania State University Scandal 1
Pennsylvania State University Scandal
Contribution and Cover-up of Sexual Abuse
OL-500 Human Behavior in Organization
Southern New Hampshire University
C. LaMour Romine
October 2, 2014
Pennsylvania State University Scandal 2
This research paper will discuss the Pennsylvania State University (Penn State) Sexual Child Abuse Scandal, involving perpetrator Jerry Sandusky; and its cover up by university officials. This research is centered on Organizational Behavior (OB) and its’ function within a business including the capacity of understanding organizational culture and how it operates. In the concepts that govern OB and the Penn State scandal, the research
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Keep in mind none of the elite group of officials considered asking Sandusky his side of the story or even telling him the extent of what they were advised by McQueary (Chappell, 2012).
Protecting Sandusky at all cost is what appeared to be the theme throughout decades of abuse. The questions of why the elite group of officials was more fixated on protecting Sandusky’s secrets then protecting the children of abuse. After the sex scandal was publically exposed in 2011, Penn State hired their independent former FBI director Louis Freeh to investigate the case. Throughout Freeh’s investigation it became more evident that Spanier, Paterno, Schultz, and Curley knew more about the allegations then Penn State administrative board initially realized (Chappell, 2012). The bottom line as to why this elite group covered up Sandusky’s behavior is not because he was their “best colleague ever” but more for the betterment of the group’s function as having prestigious and successful reputation as a whole. The behavior of the elite group in terms of organizational behavior is described as utilitarianism which explains that decisions are made for the team or group based on the most ideal outcome that creates the greatest good for majority of the group (Robbins & Judge, 2014). Based on this


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