Organizational Artifacts

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Organizational Artifacts

The culture of an organization is really its personality or, as some would say, "how things are done around here". Culture is comprised of the assumptions, values, norms and tangible signs, better known as artifacts, of an organizations member and their behaviors. Members of an organization soon come to sense the particular culture of its own organization as it is one of those terms that difficult to express distinctly, but everyone knows it when they sense it. A cultural artifact is a man-made object which inherently gives information about the culture of its creator and users. The artifact(s) may change over time in what it represents, how it appears and how or why it is used as the culture changes over
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These are the Navy core values; one of the most important morals of a sailors career or naval experience. Navy sailors are trained in the core values of Honor, Courage and Commitment (Cutler et al, 2002,pp 117-121). The core values of the Navy are supposed to be looked upon in many ways. Some are to identify with the service of those who have gone before us. You need to draw up strength from their valor and their sacrifice. They should make a difference in the lives of sailors. Honor is defined as someone with high public esteem; an individual with honesty, integrity, and is held in high respect. The Navy upholds honor on a high pedestal. Our society has defined courage as bravery, and valor. Courage also consists of the quality of mind or spirit that enables one to face difficulty, danger, or pain with firmness and without fear. Courage plays a major role in the duty of any Navy man or woman. Last, but definitely not least, is commitment. Navy sailors need to have a considerable amount of commitment all of the time as everyone depends on you and you on them. Without commitment you could decide to skip morning muster and because of that, the ship could be placed in great danger. It is most critical that if you have a job such ad a radar technician, sonar man, flight captain, boatswain, etc. that you have commitment to not just yourself but to the men and women that you work with. In summary, knowing yourself,


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