Cultural Ethnography, Schein's Model

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Applying Schein‟s Model To Cingular Wireless-1


An Application of Schein‟s Model of Organizational Culture to the Cingular Wireless Store Located in the Marley Station Mall Jessica Larkin


Applying Schein‟s Model To Cingular Wireless-2 This study is applying Edgar Schein‟s model of organizational communication to the Marley Station Mall location of Cingular wireless. The study utilizes observations and interviews employees as well as reviewing internal documents. The purpose was to reveal the artifacts, espoused values, and basic assumptions involved in the culture of the Cingular organization.

Applying Schein‟s Model To Cingular Wireless-3

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The fourth category will be the rules of the game which are the things new employees must learn to fit in. Embedded skills and shared meanings will be the fifth and sixth categories incorporated into this study. These are the necessary skills to do the job and how the employees have similar meanings for certain things. Finally, the basic assumptions will be the eighth category incorporated into the study of the organizational culture of Cingular Wireless. (Schein, 1992) Methodology: To discover how Cingular fits into Schein‟s categories of organizational culture a method f participant observation will be used including observing daily routines, employee interactions amongst themselves and customers, and participating as a member of the Cingular staff at a retail store location. This ethnographic approach is influenced by an article Esteban, Hirt and McGuire. The article incorporated Schein‟s model in a study on “The Work Life of Student Service Professionals at Rural Community Colleges. The article was helpful in the organization of this study as well as an example of different methods of conducting the study itself. (Esteban, 2003).

Applying Schein‟s Model To Cingular Wireless-7 For this study, information from Cingular Wireless was collected including orientation information, employee handbooks, daily forms and corporate publications. In addition, the company owned retail store at Marley Station Mall in Glen