American and Northwest Airlines

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Northwest Airlines and American Airlines will be compared thoroughly in many aspects. Globalization, diversity, ethics and technology will be addressed in various ways. All four themes will be addressed through the strength, fit and adaptive ness of both company's cultures. The overall organizational culture of both Northwest Airlines and American Airlines will be clear.


Globalization can be defined as "making worldwide in scope or application"(1). In this comparison of the global corporate culture of Northwest Airlines and American Airlines several areas will be addressed. The strength of the global culture with-in the companies. The fit of the company to the global marketplace, and the adaptive ness or the
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For instance, the alliance with Continental Airlines, in 1998, and a recent cooperative agreement with Delta Air Lines (3) help to grow the cultural mix at Northwest, while reducing expenses. These actions increase the availability of the product to the customer, while increasing stockholder value. At the same time, that customer and stockholder concerns are addressed, management and labors willingness to work together to reduce cost, in these trying times, is an indicator of Northwest's adaptability in today's global market.

An indication of a company's ability to survive and grow in the global market place might be found in their mission statement. Americans vision states that they want "to be the world's leading airline by focusing on industry leadership in the areas of safety / service / network / product / technology /and culture (4). This vision easily meets the condition of being simple. Its simple ness may, in fact, be a problem. In other words the simple ness of this statement might decrease the clear meaning intended by Americans management. For instance do they want to be the leader in the eyes of their customers, stockholders or employees? Possibly all three, or maybe they mean leadership in the terms of being the largest airline. Northwest's' vision does not include as many items outright, but seems to imply them. Their vision is: To build together the first choice airline and global alliance network with the


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