Analyse the Structure of Sony in 1999 and the Restructuring In2003

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The different in organization cultures are mainly related to the practices between companies, while the national culture are associated with the values that held deeply and difficult to change. Employees can adapt themselves to the organization culture and they can follow the leaders in an organization. However, if conflicts occurred between their national cultural values and the organizational culture, the organizational culture would be undermined. There are many viewpoints which will be the most important to the organization structure. In this case, The quotation below is given by Morgan Gareth which present the strongest reason that explain as follow; “One of the major strengths of
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Hit C. Chet Miller Adrienne, 1987). In term of structural features of organization are formal, inflexible, created and maintained by documentation, and contingency-centered. All features are setted by the companies such as responsibilities, formal right, award and punishment. It will be contingent on individual or group action. The structure is adopted “officially,” by explicit decision, on the basis of known rules and procedures. It determines how the organization is supposed to operate and for what purposes. On the other hand the organizational culture are informal, flexible, created and maintained by word-of-mouth, and ideology-centered for example the people define good and bad, winning and losing, friends and enemies. As the quote in the first paragraph, it seems that the organization culture is one of the most important effects to organizational structure. In functionalist approach, you will see that there are many factors that adjust itself to the organizational structure as follow; characteristics of people, organizational ethics, property right system and the most important is organization structure. The structure of organization imply the culture of the entity. For example, in a formal or tall organization structure, the company has culture to follow the standards, rules and procedure when performing process. Communications occur through the chain of command instead of personal communication. Managements do not listen to the opinions from lower