Obama's Foreign Policy on China

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President Barack Obama and his administration’s foreign policy toward China can be summed up in one word: conciliatory. Conciliatory is not in the form of any weakness or appeasement, but rather the realization that in the 21st century global market, China is a main player on the world stage. Obama’s foreign policies are a departure from the previous administration. George Bush’s unilateral foreign policies were deemed domineering, even belligerent. From an international standpoint, Anti-American sentiments were at an all-time high during Iraqi War driven years. In America, the domestic stance after 9/11 saw this as an extension of patriotism and commitment. Nowadays, both domestically and internationally, many pundits would argue that …show more content…

The truth of the matter in my opinion is that every country does have gross human rights issues. The problems in China are magnified and pressed by most countries because of the sheer number of human labor that exists in China. Thus, as China continues to rise and become an economic superpower as it is becoming, those concerns will be dealt with because the people inside will and cannot stand for harsh living conditions. But, this is also the crux of the matter because if the people inside working in those factories do not care, how will the bosses ever face the truth and do something about it. Moreover, the Chinese government must also take steps to allow unions to form and protest to go on even though that might be against the government itself. As long as peaceful protests are taking place, a mutually healthy society with certain liberties will allow for better conditions all around. The sanctions or false accusations only lead to more difficult climate for genuine diplomacy to take place. The Obama Administration has done their best to limit some of the criticisms, instead, suggesting some ideas and working out plausible solutions to ensure the embassies on the ground in China can be an instrument to help both sides make the right judgments and calls on the spot for every situation that may arise (Berg 2012). Countries are going to continue to outsource jobs into China because of such cheap labor. In this sense, Americans can


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