Webster Financial Corporation

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Skillsoft®,Webster Financial Corporation
March 17, 2015

Webster Financial Corporation
Webster Financial Corporation or better known as Webster Bank has been helping families, individuals, and businesses achieve their financial goals for more than three generations. Webster Bank has over 3,000 employees that are working towards the company’s values, which is to meet their customers’ needs. They also want to gain and keep customers’ trust, respect their dignity, and to work with the customers’ to achieve the best results possible. Webster Bank extends through
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Being a bank, there are many companies that are in competition with Webster Bank. Some of these include TD Bank, Citizens Bank, and Bank of America (Webster Financial, 2015).

Product/Service It is unclear as to what product or service Webster Bank uses to train their management and staff. However, they do go by a system called, “The Webster Way”. This is a set of values that were established by the founder in 1935. “Webster Way”, is a guide to help the employees exceed the customers’ expectations. This guide has many steps. One of the main steps is respect the dignity of every individual. They also earn trust from their customers through ethical behavior. This is key because customers need to trust businesses in order to do business with them. Next, they work together to achieve outstanding results. This is important because teamwork is the best work and it can achieve far more than one person can. Skillsoft®’s Leadership AdvantageTM could be a great asset to Webster Financial Corporation. Leadership AdvantageTM could work alongside their “Webster Way”. It can build better leaders by giving them leadership learning tracts. It also can give their leaders the chance to implement expert advice (Personal, 2015).
Leadership AdvantageTM for Webster Financial Corporation
Two Specific Buying Needs Since Webster Financial Corporation does not have a training guide, Leadership advantage would benefit the company considerably.


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