E-Trade Financial Corporation Case Study

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Asli Seven

Nazir Emre Adir

Shamla Tsargand

Lecturer: Andrejs Chirjevskis

Autumn 2011

Question 1.Revise E-Trade Vision and Mission Statement.Develop a SWOT anaylses.

When we have a look at E-Trade’s vision statement, we see that they emphasize on self-directed investors and the world market. For the company being reachable from even sitting at home is important. They say “It’s about bringing it home.”Accessebility in anywhere in the world is the main point about the avaliabilty. But there are some missing points in the vision statement. From our point of view the vision statement could be revised as below:

“To empower self-directed
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Edwards or Charles Schwab. E-Trade’s revenues per customer, based on the earlier financial tables, indicate that E-Trade is able to leverage their lower cost structure to produce a huge cost advantage. A low cost differentiation strategy would be most successful in the pessimistic and moderate scenarios but would still have some positive results even in an optimistic scenario.

Increase On-line Consulting

E-Trade should leverage their technological infrastructure to over investor’s on-line consulting opportunities. This would allow E-Trade to pool their resources (i.e., people) in a few locations while still offering advanced, human, service offerings to the segment of the population that is not comfortable only using a computer. Additionally, there are some situations where even technologically advanced users would prefer to be able to talk on-line either via a “chat” client or web cams. This method would be successful in all there scenarios because it again allows E-Trade to capitalize on the huge investment they made in technology infrastructure.

Our recommendations for the future are the same whether using the Newtonian and Euclidean analysis. We believe that using a Euclidean set of assumptions throughout the analysis, may lead us to different predictions about future conditions allowing for the consideration of


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