Observation Assignment

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The purpose of this observation assignment was to investigate and interpret the different types of interactions between the individuals and groups present, as well as the environment in which these interactions take place. The various power relationships and sense of hierarchy in addition to the status and authority among the different individuals are also extremely pertinent to this assignment, as the dissection of such interactions and relationships may implicate certain socially constructed gender roles placed on these individuals and society as a whole. The field observation was conducted at the restaurant Pancakes on the Rocks in Sydney. The role adopted, was that of observer as participant. Group structures and
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However, these intimate couples always spent considerably less time socializing after the meal compared to the other participants in this study. For every couple observed, men always paid the check.

The other groups of participants observed were those of friends in groups of three or more. Once seated, these groups proceeded to converse for approximately ten minutes or more before even picking up the menus. All of the groups of friends observed appeared to be in their early to late twenties, and almost always alcoholic drinks were ordered. Moderate amount of time was spent on choosing what to order. Meals in this group of participants were eaten slower with more breaks of conversation. Most groups seemed to be outwardly friendly and animated. Occasional glances around the room were made throughout their duration in the restaurant. At the conclusion of the meal coffee or tea was usually ordered and conversation lasted approximately twenty to thirty minutes after the food plates were taken away. Almost always the bill was separately evenly between the numbers of occupants; however there were a few cases in which one participant paid the entire bill.

Families with two or more children were also observed. Upon being seated most


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