Are Athletes Heroes?

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Are exceptional athletes heroes

Heroics is used very broadly and can consist of many different aspects of ones= feats or achievements. While researching this topic, I have found that there are numerous ways to describe a hero. What makes a hero? I have determined in my opinion, that the word Ahero@ consists of ones accomplishments, actions or service that leads to the betterment of others. From my definition of the word, exceptional athletes do have the potential to be heroes.
The word hero has been used broadly for many years. The word has found different variations of its meaning throughout a time line of history. Going back to our ancient history, the word was found primarily in literature. The word hero or heroine trails
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The video clip of McElwain=s performance grabbed the attention and emotions from fans all across the world. McElwain=s performance reassured the hopes and aspirations of others diagnosed with autism. AThere are thousands of Jasons out there, carrying the net for the soccer team, keeping statistics for the baseball team, playing the drum for the school band. This serves as a reminder to give these kids a chance whenever possible.@, said Dr. Catherine Lord, the director for the University of Michigan=s Autism and Communications Disorders Center.
. McElwain is a hero all around the world. McElwain=s dedication and persistence to never give up opened the minds and eyes for many. The associate professor for pediatrics at the University of Rochester=s Strong Center for Developmental Disabilities said it best, AI think the good to come of this is that people will look at the novel ways all members a community can participate@. McEwain=s perseverance and accomplishments will enhance the lives of millions worldwide... this is heroic.
When most kids think of professional athletes, they refer them as heroes. I find that there are many professional athletes that carry the characteristic of a hero. Jim Abbott of the New York Yankees sent a message of hope and optimism for those with physical disabilities or limitations. With only one hand, Abbott climbed the ranks of one of the top professional pitchers in the eighties and


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