Clinical Practices

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Clinical Practices
Tammy Turner ABA RN, BSN
Hsn 552
November 4, 2013
Susan Dolinar PhD, RN, CNE

Clinical Practices For the needs of the patients, families, and the health care consumers, and health care practice current assessment practices should be maintained by using evidence –based practices. Health care professionals are expected to demonstrate competent practice within the society. Determining sufficient of clinical assessments and the evaluation of the nursing students has redesigned a large amount of nursing school curriculum to remain relevant. Assessing students educational outcomes based on current clinical practices can be more challenging than just relaying on typical classroom theory in which
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From analyzing the research articles previously stated I would recommend using a combination of assessment practices in the clinical setting based on each student learning style and from the objectives of the nursing course. From this recommendation it should be ensured that whichever assessment tool that was chosen to be used was reliable and valid. From analyzed learning that techniques used are becoming more common in the evaluation as assessment of students clinical practices and skills in the medical professions. From the study it is recommended that the competency assessment tool wording should provide clear specific requirements for knowledge, demonstrating skill, and attitude. These assessments are done on the national and international levels that are workable strategies that can promoter for greater skill development within an assessment competency framework. All of these approach’s would make the assessment od student clinical practices more helpful to the clinical faculty, staff nurses, and preceptors to determine how safe and effective the nursing student will be in practice.
The clinical instructor, the clinical stimulation instructor, and the healthcare organization in which the student is participating in the clinical setting perform the clinical evaluation. Evaluation of students from the current


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