Media Technology Affects American Society

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Zachary G. McLeod
Essay 3
Media Technology affects American Society

There are many forces and factors that shape the society of America. The media has a profound affect on how we perceive the world since it is controlled by others. Many of people come home and turn on the television. They zone out, and are bombarded with ads and TV shows that seem harmless but are harmful on a subconscious level. TV has become universal and affects everybody of all ages, religions, races, sizes, and sexes. There have been a number of recent studies that portray the negative affects of TV. Media, such as television, is a hindrance to America's society because it causes more violence, creates image problems and deteriorates self esteem,
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I feel that the television I watch endorses the look of muscular bodies, good hair, masculinity, style, and appearance. I feel troubled to worry about these features because the shows and especially commercials emphasize good-looking, happy, muscular guys and I feel compelled to look like them sometimes.
Television damages the society of America because it induces more stereotypes.
Television is a great provider of information; however, TV has the ability to showcase stereotypes which are mistaken for reality. These stereotypes shape the way we see the world. Most of the time the stereotypes aren't noticeable, but after awhile a trend can be seen. There are major trends in race and sex on TV shows. Stossel includes the common trends in TV shows such as " The ‘lower class' are almost invisible" with a show time of 1.3 percent of the characters, "For every white male victim there are 17 white female victims" and "22 minority female victims." Most significantly, the "villains are disproportionately male, lower-class, young, and Latino or foreign." Also, Latinos make up 6.5 percent of characters compared to the 13 percent population (Ward 67). This shows an unreal world of women getting hurt the majority of the time and foreign men and


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