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Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) and Tuberculosis (TB)
Meet the Client: Jeff Smith
Thirty-two-year-old Jeff Smith is admitted from his healthcare provider's office to the acute care facility. Jeff was diagnosed HIV positive 2 years ago.
His history includes fatigue, a productive cough, and weight loss. A tuberculosis (TB) skin test was administered in the healthcare provider's office. Admission prescriptions include "isolation precautions for possible tuberculosis." Admission Procedure
The nurse welcomes Jeff to a private room at the end of the hall. According to hospital protocol, the nurse puts on a mask before starting the admission process. Jeff tells the nurse that his partner is downstairs and that he would like his
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Jeff needs to be taught to cough deeply, using the diaphragm to produce sputum from the bronchi instead of saliva from the oral cavity.
D) Document the time and date that each sputum specimen was collected.
This task may be safely delegated. However, it is the nurse’s responsibility to ensure that the documentation is completed and sent with the specimen to the lab.
E) Assess Jeff’s abilty to expectorate a sputum specimen.
This task may not be delegated.
Jeff is scheduled for several activities the following morning.
Which activity should Jeff perform first upon awakening?
A) Eat a nutritionally dense, early morning snack sent from the food services department. INCORRECT
While small, nutritionally dense meals and snacks are necessary for clients with HIV and/or TB, another action is of greater priority.
B) Obtain the first of 3 sputum specimens for laboratory testing.
Because secretions collect during the night, Jeff should take the opportunity to cough and expectorate upon awakening before performing other morning activities.
C) Take a shower and get ready to go to radiology for a chest X-ray.
Another action is of greater priority.
D) Weigh to determine if weight loss from the disease is continuing.
Although daily weight monitoring may be done, another action is of greater priority.
Legal/Ethical Concepts
A female staff nurse tells the nursing supervisor that she does not want to be


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