Health Status and Health Care Services in Poland with Comparison to the United States

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Executive Summary 3

Population and Health Status…………………………………………………………………………………………..
Demographic characteristics of population
Mortality, Infant mortality data, causes of death
Other data of health status
Related information (such as on quality if life); analysis

Availability of Health Services
Basic organization/general description of services institutions, providers of care
Issues related to access
Utilization of services (data, if available)
Other related information/analysis

How are health services paid for; any roles for the government here
Data on total expenditures
Other related information/analysis

Macroenvironmental influences on the health care system
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As far as the government is concerned, the "health reform" measures are about ridding the state of its responsibility for providing care. The health service is now supposed to function like other industries. (Fehlau, 1999, para. 8). This is what the United States is aiming for in the future. As far as what comes of this we just don’t know. Here is something to ponder on: A pensioner from Masuren died of flu last winter. The hospital simply refused treatment. In Lodz the hospital refused four times to accept a 36-year-old suffering with severe influenza. The patient's father only succeeded with the help of a priest in getting his son into an out-of-town hospital, where, unfortunately, he soon succumbed to his illness. (Fehlau, 1999, para. 5). Socialism was the distinctive political ideology before 1989, and the polish health care system was but a sub-par system. After decades of the government preparations for the market economy, Poland introduced social health insurance in 1999. Its primary services were provided by multi-specialists physicians trained in internal medicine, pediatrics, and gynecology, and by dentists, nurses, midwives and ancillary support staff, and delivered through over three thousand service centers. In urban areas, primary health care was provided in przychodnias, or large polyclinics, which also offered some specialist and


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