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Organizational Systems

This paper is the analysis of the avoidable sentinel event of Mr. B, a sixty-seven year old patient who was admitted to the emergency room with left leg and hip pain following a fall. A root cause analysis will help identify key elements which led to the unfortunate event. A plan of action to develop a change theory will help formulate an improvement plan to prevent future occurences like that of Mr. B. A failure
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Periodic meetings will need to be held to evaluate the employee's performance to rate the success the employee is having and if the agreed plan may need any adjustments.
Teams made up by mangement to evaulate the roof cause analysis would be the immediate nursing supervisor, director of nurses, the house supervisor, and chief of nursing. The medical director or the doctor who is in charge of the floor would also be involved. Mock trials or emergencies can be conducted monthly to assess the emergency skills of all staff.Weekly inservices or meetings with staff can help management keep their staff up to date with new equipment their company is using. Having different departments, such as respiratory conduct these weekly inservices can also help management check off and visibly see the skills their staff needs improvement with and if it meets hospital policy. Having an open door policy so that the employee always has the freedom to walk in to ask any questions will also help the employee feel at ease. Having educators around to help answer employees questions and conduct inservices can also minimize errors. Setting up cameras to monitor the main area
ORGANIZATIONAL SYSTEMS 4 would help evaulate how the staff spends their time. It would give management an idea how much time they are spending assessing their patients and how often they are rounding with


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