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HESI RN Practice Test - Comprehensive Test (125 Questions)

A male client who lives in an area endemic with Lyme disease asks the nurse what to do if he thinks he may have been exposed. Which response should the nurse provide?
A. Cover the ticks with oil to suffocate and kill them to prevent transmission.
B. Look for early signs of a lesion that increases in size with a red border, clear center. Correct
C. See a healthcare provider if nausea, vomiting, and joint pain occur after a tick bite. Incorrect
D. Obtain early treatment with antiviral agents to prevent cardiac manifestations.
The client should look for the early signs of localized Lyme disease known as erythema migrans, a skin lesion that slowly expands to form a large round lesion
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An eight-hour fast is more time than is needed for the stomach to empty (C) and is not necessary. The last time any food or drink has been ingested is a better indicator of an empty stomach, rather than after the client has missed a meal (C). Some liquids, such as grapefruit juice, can alter the drug's dilution and absorption (D). Category: Fundamentals

The nurse is preparing to administer a prescribed dose of acetylcysteine (Mucomyst) 600 mg PO. The 10 ml vial is labeled "Mucomyst 20% solution (20 grams/100 ml)." What volume of medication in milliliters should the nurse administer? (Enter numeric answer only.)
Correct: 3
20 grams is equivalent to 20,000 mg. 20,000 mg/100 ml = 200 mg/1 ml. Using Desired/Have X Volume: 600 mg/200 mg x 1 ml = 3 ml

The nurse dons gown, mask with eye shield, and gloves before entering a client's room that has airborne precautions. Upon leaving the client's room, in which sequence should the nurse remove the personal protective equipment (PPE)? (Arrange in order. )
1. Remove gloves.
2. Remove gown.
3. Remove mask.
4. Wash hands.
Correct order is Gloves, Gown, Mask, Wash. The nurse should first remove the contaminated gloves by grasping the cuff and pulling the glove inside out over the hands. Then, untie the gown waist and neck strings, remove the gown without the hands touching the outside of the gown, and fold inside out to discard. Because the client is on airborne


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