My Role as a Student in Higher Education and My Role as a Future Health Care Practitioner

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My role as a student in higher education and my role as a future health care practitioner.
Historically, how nurses are educated has changed dramatically. Long gone are the days of apprenticeship styled training programmes of the 18th century Florence Nightingale era, whereby nurses learnt all they needed to know by the bedside. Instead, present day nurses are required to be trained to high level in order to deliver research based practice and evidence-based healthcare in highly specialised settings. There is nothing more precious than a person’s life; therefore it is imperative that those who deliver care are competent and held accountable for their actions which in turn mean they need to have the ability to explain the reasons behind
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Additionally, we also received a lecture on the use of SMART goals which help us to identify what needs to be accomplished, in small achievable, realistic chunks within a given timeframe.
The search module has taught me some extremely significant skills which will be extremely useful whilst studying and also in clinical practice. The module itself has taught us the importance of using the right information in health care, the use of different information sources and their value/credibility. More importantly, we learnt how to identify the right information using the correct search methods when trying to locate it and how to search databases. Furthermore, we learnt how to reference in the appropriate manner accepted by UWL being the Harvard method. These skills will be very important in nursing as it centres on evidence based practice. Additionally, it is also a requirement of nursing to keep abreast of new research within clinical practices.
As well as the academic skills needed to fulfil both my role as a student and a future health care provider it is also necessary that I will be a competent nurse. The NMC (2011) state that competence includes ‘having the knowledge, skills and develop the right attitude to care for patients and work within a team’. We are achieving these competencies by way of the different modules we are studying at present i.e. lifespan and development,


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