Euthanasia Research Paper

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Marilyn Viruet

Would one rather save a life, or save themselves? Can someone’s life be that bad that they would ask someone to help end it? Euthanasia is an act that happens rarely. Nearly 1 in 5 doctors who care for seriously ill and people reported that they had been asked, on one or more occasions, for assistance in speeding a patient's death, either by writing prescriptions for lethal drugs or delivering a lethal injection. ( Euthanasia is the termination of a very sick person's life in order to relieve them of their suffering. The physician would provide the patient with information or tools needed to perform the act. Not only is Euthanasia dangerous, but it involves an innocent taking the life
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It is most common in white people over the age of 60. (www.ncbi.nlm) A young woman diagnosed with chronic lung disorder believed it was better if she committed suicide herself. She was in too much pain and could not find any healthcare that suited her needs. She did not think of physician assisted suicide because she wanted to avoid getting anyone in trouble. She believed that if she had a death nobody witnessed and it was quiet, nobody would ask questions or get persecuted for being involved. Some say she was selfish for killing herself, but she was looking out for the best for her family. She wanted to end all of her suffering and keep her family sane at the same time. Her death involved her and only her, no outside figures. (www.ncbi.nlm)
The death of Terri Schiavo was an example of assisted suicide. Doctors intentionally withheld food and dehydrated Terri with permission from her family. Some say this was not assisted suicide but they were helping Terri get out of her misery. Some say it was an act of mercy. When Terri was living she was suffering from pain and discomfort, but it was not any right to let her die. Nothing was extraordinary about the care Terri was receiving; she was like any other patient. Although Terri did not deserve to die, her family says it was her wishes she would not have wanted to live the way she was living and to them


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