Empowerment Paper

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Empowerment Approach to Human Services Management
Havalyn Cantrell

Heather Zahurak
Empowerment Approach to Human Services Management
In the wake of many recent tragedies including both those created by nature as well as those caused by man, we have seen the number the human service organizations grow beyond leaps and bounds. However how these agencies interact with their clients can play a valuable role when these clients come in to receive services. In trying to meet the needs of all those in the wake of such tragedies, it is often hard to understand how someone can also empower others within the agency that is offering services. In the light of helping everyone, many agencies are now implementing services now geared or
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Providing an answer to or even better finding a means to help in solving their client’s problem is the sole responsibility of service workers and administration alike, but making sure those servicing the client know and understand this as well. It is known that because each client is different so will the challenges one will face in offering them services, so making sure that the staff is properly trained in the area of whatever expertise needed. Having the knowledge as well as the skills is a vision that I can see for the agency that I have in mind. Having an agency in which everyone is treated as an equal and work together in providing encouragement not on to the client but for each fellow co-worker within the agency. Understanding that in the midst of a tragic storm no one situation is more important than any one else’s, as everyone may have lost some near and dear to them. It is in offering support for those individuals whose situations may have occurred or was created by themselves or those in which they may have been a victim. Everyone would like nothing better than to stop the cycle of emotions that often result after a tragedy.
Giving clients access to learning about or locating needed resources to find and obtain the services they are in need of can help them begin to heal one principle stated the “empowerment-oriented organizations


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