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Workshop Two, Case Study Analysis In review and analysis of the Case Study, Decision Making at the Top: The All Star Sports Catalog Division, (Hellings, 2007) the decision making process could use some improvement. Environment, precedent, personalities, subject matter and leadership styles have both an overall and a situational impact on the decision making process. Stephen Robbins in the 2005 edition of Essentials of Organizational Behavior lays out a six-step rational decision making model which he proclaims to be ideal. Robbins model is as follows: 1. Define the problem; 2. Identify decision criteria; 3. Weight the criteria; 4. Generate alternatives; 5. Rate each alternative on each criterion; and 6. Compute the optimal …show more content…

Those who are quiet and not actively engaged in disagreement may also find it difficult to commit to the decision due to lack of ownership.
Barrett as the group’s leader must remember three things about change as told to us in Luke 8:26-37. As decision making is about change: Leadership means discomfort and being outside your comfort zone. Barrett was uncomfortable with confrontation. Leadership means dissatisfaction when used as a tool to get to a better place. And, leadership means disruption as status quo is not a goal, change is the only thing that is certain. (Maxwell, 2007)
If the change process was redesigned and Barrett removed as a filter, more creativity and opinions could come to the surface. In processes like brain-storming, fundamental rules are no ideas are bad ideas and others can build and improve upon any idea. If a group was the clearing house, or the whole group, many more strategies, opinions and facts could be vetted. A new format of not using Barrett as a clearing house would also expedite and improve closure. For those who need time to process, this can happen during open discussion. For those who shoot from the hip, they can be tempered with dialogue from others. Also, with more participation, comes more buy-in and commitment. I often tell groups I lead, no one of us is as smart as all of us!
As Barrett plays multiples roles, his opinion may also counts more than once. Whether


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