Managing change paper III

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Managing Change Part III MGT/426 September 13, 2013

Managing Change Part III Electronic Arts is one of the leading video game developers within the gaming culture. With development sites located in Canada, Florida, Texas, and Louisiana EA has arguably become the mainstay in the gaming world and should remain competitive within that market for years to come. During this essay members from Team A will discuss the appropriate change model that should be applied to Electronic Arts in
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5. Relationships: How do we manage conflict among people? With technologies? EA Inc. manages conflict from the point of origin EA works with involved parties to insure the best resolution possible for the best of the parties involved and for the overall good of the company. Technological conflict is managed and monitored by our EA company officials working closely with our EA ethics department to insure that our clients and customers are happy with all products and safe from harm thanks to new and current regulations.
6. Leadership: Does someone keep the boxes in balance? This new implementation will have a new system of checks and balancing. This new system will also include positions for auditing which will be pursued through external sources that company officials have compiled. This transition will be modeled by all leadership within the company so no employee should feel left out.
Example: EA Inc. recognizes a visual representation of the six box organizational model is as akin to a radar screen: “Just as air controllers use radar to chart the course of aircraft—height, speed, distance apart and weather—EA Inc. is seeking organizational improvement and must observe relationships among the boxes and not focus on any particular blip.” That is, while one variable might be identified as the department requiring the greatest attention, the systemic effect of any change must be noted (Akin, Dunford, &


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