Employee Loyalty

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Methlife’s 10th annual survey of employee benefits, trends and attitudes, released in March, puts employee loyatlty at a 7-year low. The survey shows one in three employees plan to leave their job by the end of the year. According to a report conducted in 2011 by Careerbıilder.com, 76% of fulltime worker would leave their job if the right opportunity comes along, even tough they havent been actively seeking for a job. Other studies Show that each year the average company lose its 20%-50% employee base.

A big amounf of employees do not feel connected to their work. The reasons cited fort his ; the recession ( during which companies laid off big swaths of their employees with little regard of loyalty) , a whittling away
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Maybe I'm naive, but I don't think humanity changes that much." The rhetoric of the 1980s, he says, was all about "'taking control of your career, and your life.' I have a hard time thinking my father is that different from me [in this regard]. It doesn't make sense to say that individuals who were born in the 1970s experience a [huge] epiphany that they need to be in control of their lives, and that people born in the 1940s don't think that way. People have always wanted to be more in control of their lives." What's different now, he notes, is how firms treat employees. "It seems strange to me to be loyal to a firm that I know has no loyalty to me."


What went wrong with the initial public offering of Facebook?
When the social network giant known as Facebook presented itself ready on for the stock market at may 18 it had a estimated value of $104 billion.
Its stock barely rised above $38 as an opening price, by may 22 the stock value was reduced by 18% leaving it a value of $31 at closing. reducing the value of the stocks sold during the $16 billion IPO by more than $2.9 billion.
Although the stock has bounced back slightly since then, some investors have filed lawsuits over how the company and Wall Street banks handled the IPO.
According to media reports, stock market analysts at Morgan Stanley -- the investment bank that guided Facebook through the IPO process, and other banks lowered their


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