Developmental Psychology and Stage

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1. Jean Piaget’s Stage Theory of Cognitive Development: At what age do you feel you entered the stage of Formal Operational Thought? Explain the stage briefly and then focus on providing examples of ways your thinking has shifted to indicate you have developed into this stage of reasoning. (For instance, provide an example of how your views of justice or morality have shifted as you’ve matured.)
I believe that I entered the Formal Operational Thought Stage when I was seventeen years old. I was a senior in high school preparing for life after graduation. It was during this time period that I began to formulate plans for my life after high school as well as learning how to think and act come to conclusions for myself. My mind state at
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Be sure to clearly explain the level of moral development and clearly identify the underlying ethical reasoning behind your decision. (For instance, you may explain a decision you made based on Preconventional morality when you were a child, or you may focus on a decision you made from a higher level of development as an adult.)
One decision I have made that aligns with the beliefs of Kohlberg’s Theory of Moral Development occurs during lever one stage one. Kohlberg’s defines this level as a preconceived understanding that those in charges gives us a set of rules that we must obey this stage normally occurs during the early years of development. As a child we were always taught to keep our hands to ourselves to no touch what does not belong to us. Although I was very aware of what the rules were and the consequences of breaking one of those said rules my older brother and I would always sneak into the kitchen in the middle of the night and eat my dad’s peanut butter bars. One night my brother had went to spend the night at his friend’s house and I woke up in the middle of the night and snuck down stairs like I had done numerous nights before. I went into the kitchen and got two peanut butter bars and as I was getting ready to sneak back upstairs to my room I heard my dad coming down the stairs so I hurried up and crawled under the kitchen counter. I was terrified of getting caught because I knew what the consequences were. Both my parents were avid believers in


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