The Impact of to Analyse Disney Movie and Understanding the Dominant Position in Children

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1.0 Introduction---------------------------------------------------------------------- 1 1.1 Problem statement----------------------------------------------------- 1 1.2 Purpose statement------------------------------------------------------ 1
2.0 Literature review---------------------------------------------------------------- 2 3.0 What is socialization------------------------------------------------------------ 3
3.1 Mass media-------------------------------------------------------------- 3
3.2 Childhoods-------------------------------------------------------------- 3
4.0 Disney----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4 5.0 How did Disney socialize childhood
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Children should not be exposed to negative topics such as sex, death, alcohol and violence as they are fast learners. The period of childhood is roughly between birth and adolescence.

4.0 Disney
The Disney Corporation is the one of the largest media companies in the world. Disney’s full-length animated movies have been a popular form of children’s entertainment for more than 60 years. It has brought us all so many great Walt Disney movies memories and unforgettable vacations.
Do you know mostly what do children watch on the television? Without any doubt is Cartoon movies. Children like to watch cartoon movies even before they start to speak. Before that, I also had spent much time in Disney cartoon movie on television, my mother will turn on the television when she was doing housework.
In particular three main reasons why kids like to watch cartoons. Firstly, cartoons are fun thus children are attracted to the colours and differences between the characters. Secondly, cartoons are not dull. All characters of Disney movie are really memorable therefore it can help children to concentrate. If something is boring they’re not going to do it. Thirdly, children like fantastical and dislike realistic. Magical visuals and sounds are very important.
During my childhood life, I love to see something that unrealistic because i want to escape from the real world. It is a desire for me to forget about boring things like homework. I want to watch something