Ebt Task 1

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Critique of Evidence Based Nursing
Latoya Dotson
Western Govenors University
May 26, 2011
Critique of Articles

Introduction The article by Schindler, (2011) was chosen because of the clinical relevance to direct patient care and patients acquiring pressure ulcer. The articile was retrieved and summarized in the graphic below. Further research was collected to evaluate other aspects of the same interventions and a annotated bibiliography was created. The evience was reviewed for relevance and synthesized as it relates to nursing practice and acquiring pressure ulcers.

Bottom of Form
Reseach Report and Summary .
|Article |Protecting fragile
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The researcher used this design with nine participating PICU units for this multisite study. Hospitals located in the south, Midwest and north west regions were included to conduct this study.
The problem
The incidence of pressure ulcers in critically ill infants and children is 18% to 27%. Patients at risk for pressure ulcers and nursing interventions to prevent the development of the ulcers have not been established. Can the incidence of the pressure ulcer in critically ill children be decreased with proper intervention?

The Matrix

A matrix was created for all ten articles with 9 columns used to evaluate each article.the matrix is submitted as a separate file.

Review of 10 Peer Reviewed research Articles Annotated Bibiliography
Schindler,C., Mikhailov, T., Kuhn, E.,Christopher, J.,Conway, P., Ridling, D., Scott, A., Simpson, V. (2011, Jan). protecting fragile skin; nursing interventions to decreased development of pressure ulcers in pediatric intensive care.American journal of critical care, 20 91), 26-34.
The reported incidence of the pressure ulcers in critically ill infants and children is 18% to 27%. This study determine the incidence of pressure ulcers in critically ill children to compare the characteristics o patients whom pressure ulcers do and do not develop and to identify preventions strategies associated with less frequent development of pressure ulcer. It concluded the overally


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