Does the Military Continue to Have Sexual Harassment and Discriminati

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"Does the Military Continue to Have Sexual Harassment and Discrimination Against
Women in the 90's?"

Yes, the military does have sexual harassment and discrimination against women in the nineties. "Firestone and co-researcher Richard J. Hurns analyzed a 1988 DOD Survey of men and women in the military and found that 51.8 % of men and 74.6% of women reported either experiencing or knowing of sexual harassment. Among the women surveyed, 70.1% had experienced "sexual talk or behavior at the work place [that] created an offensive, hostile or intimidating environment." Among the men, 36.9% gave the same answer."(1) The percent of women being sexually harassed is much higher than the percent of men being harassed. Even though it is not
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-Train leaders on their roles and responsibilities for equal opportunity programs. -Ensure the chain of command remains an integral part of the processing and resolution of complaints. -Strongly encourage commanders to conduct periodic equal opportunity assessments. -Insist senior officials and commanders post statements declaring their commitment to equal opportunity.

This shows that even though harassment and discrimination still occur, it does not go unchallenged. People are waking up and saying "Enough is enough." After a certain amount of complaining, anyone would say "Enough is enough". What is ment by that is that it takes a lot of cases and re-occurring problems for it to finally get the notice it needs.

Basis trainees are learning that at all levels, the word is getting out that discrimination and harassment have no place in the military profession and will not be tolerated, Air Force officials said. The recent focus on sexual harassment in other military services has also raised attention in this area as well. "The Air Force can not isolate itself from these social trends," states the pamphlet. "Despite commanders' involvement and education programs, people will occasionally behave inappropriately. It takes a strong continuing commitment by everyone to minimize these behaviors and