Learning Team Assessment Through Flexnet Course

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Learning Team Assessment Strategies Paper and Presentation

With Flexnet course being one of the best flexible course design it therefore means that the learners can always log in online anytime for the classes and complete their coursework within their own pace. These has helped in cases of diverse students as they all can log in at different time and study and finish their work on time without any worries. The only deadline that on the students will be the fact that when the class ends the assignments should all be done and completed at that time. In some cases they are flexible and they can only attend the physical lectures at least once. When it comes to assessment it presents a challenge especially for a course where
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The students will be creative when it comes to essay writing and also the essay will be summative or formative depending on the scope required by the instructor. The essay on the instructor’s part will have to be meticulously designed if it is used to assess the student’s ;earning outcome and also consideration should be given on the student’s ability therefore the instructor should not be subjective.
Quizzes: For the course, quizzes will also be relevant as they will be testing the students’ knowledge especially after a portion of the units and course given has been completed. The quiz will be shorter than the timed tests and their purpose will be to allow the evaluation of the student’s learning by the instructor and for the students’ part, they can use the quizzes as a way of self-assessment to know how well they have learned and understood the area set in the quiz. When the student scores a low grade on the quiz the student will know that a particular topic was not well understood and therefore he or she can go back and read the said topic or the chapter taught previously. This will give the student an opportunity to prepare for the timed test when the unit has been covered. Just like the timed-tests the instructor’s time is saved and the work is reduced as he or she has to do minimal mark in terms of grading and setting the exam as the quiz is marked automatically be the FLEXnet platform