Case Analysis 2 Harrah Entertaiment

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Question 3

The gaming and entertainment industries involve a large amount of individuals. Harrah’s entertainment includes their vendors (major and minor), stakeholders, stockholders, customers and employees. Gambling is big business to those mentioned above, if it’s professional, business, pleasure or something out of the ordinary. Stakeholders ensure companies policies and procedures are followed while investing large amounts of revenue to become successful. Due to the industry becoming saturated, stakeholders ensure their investments are understood by each employee and their role to ensure the customers is also investing in the organization. To remain successful, stakeholders must invest and remain competitive within the
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A top strategy introduce by Harrah’s is its Pilot program, where loyal, frequent and new customer are monitored. However loyal casino customers are given special promotional rewards, if one is almost at its spending limit to encourage customers to play more. Other promotional are given to non-loyal, returning and new customers encouraging them to spend and increase their chances to win. Further, the pilot program determines the weakness of the customer, and their activities which determines if they are about to leave the establishment. The main strategy of Harrah’s is to keep the customer happy while they are spending money. The Total Rewards Program is the leading program introduce by Harrah’s which also tie casino play with hotel night stay. Incentives such as upgrade of rooms, free night stay, free cash, free food and beverage are something customers enjoy. To deliver outstanding value to its customers Harrah’s must continue to be industry leaders in rewards and special programs, with superior customer. The introduction of eTotal an online rewards program is offered to Harrah’s online internet users.
Value Providers
Harrah’s entertainment must ensure customers are getting value for their money. The organization uses in house, internet and third party vendors who will take the gaming industry to another level. The information technology department at Harrah’s must ensure internet application for the casino gaming is on par with the