Genetics and Schizophrenia

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This essay will discuss whether schizophrenia is genetically inherited disorder. There will be an understanding to what schizophrenia is with a brief description in the introduction. This essay will also talk about weather schizophrenia is genetically inherited or weather it is a biological (Inherited) disorder. It will also include weather schizophrenia is cause by other factors such as social factors, environmental, pre natal, childhood and neurobiology. The essay will also state weather schizophrenia is caused by a combination of the two.
In 1908 Bleuler prised his own term schizophrenia from the Greek world’s schizien meaning to split and phren meaning mind to capture what he viewed as the essential nature of the condition. Bleuler
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It is important to understand what is meant by environmental as it is a very broad definition. Basically environmental is anything that is not caused by genes or genetic factors. Environmental can be anything from “social, nutritional, hormonal and chemical environment in the womb of the mother during pregnancy, up to the social dynamics and stress a person experiences, to street drug use, education, virus exposure, vitamin use” (Schizophrenia .com 2009 )
These kinds of environment factors are what could have a influence on as person developing schizophrenia. It is said that a child that is born in the winter months January through to April have a greater risk of developing schizophrenia then average. Also said is that a baby born in a urban environment has about 50% with a ratio of 1-5 higher risk on developing schizophrenia and child who was born with a mother who had rubella has about 500% increase risk of schizophrenia.
Stress can also play apart in schizophrenia but it must be identified that stress does not cause the illness but it can make schizophrenia symptoms worse.
As we have seen so far in this easy it is clear that genetic factors have an important role in the causes of schizophrenia but genetic factors cannot be the whole story other factors must come into play such as environmental. The possibility of social/psychological causes of schizophrenia is identified by Freud and other psychoanalysts Freud


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