Work Related Project Analysis Part 1

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Work-Related Project Analysis, Part I ANN moss BSA376 March 27, 2013 DAN ZEMAITIS

Work-Related Project Analysis, Part I In this work related project analysis various information will be for gathering information. Some of the areas that will be covered are; methods of searching, interviewing techniques to gather the information, agreement for articulating requirements, and strategies to gather information for computerization. Requirements must
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The use of questionnaires is a very useful tool for collecting data. If the questions are not properly answered, several follow-ups and additional interviews will be required. When the questionnaires are kept short and to the point, the probability to conduct several interviews will be less. When there are a large number of people, questionnaires come in handy. Other ways to search for information: observe how the workflow is in the workplace, source of systems created for like organizations, and systems that may be used in like organizations. System Requirements Specifications (SRS) System requirements specifications are gathered after the discussion is completed with the end user. With the system requirements specifications details will be given on the information requirements. It does not state how the design will be created. When creating system requirements specifications, it can be the most difficult part of the system analyst. The analyst observes the system that currently being used, to try to locate the issues of the system being currently used by the user. Then the system requirements specification is created that are broken down so that the end user can understand for in depth design of the system. Some of the characteristics of system requirements specification are for it to be complete and unmistakable, covers operational,


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