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1. How does building new systems produce organizational change?
• Describe each of the four kinds of organizational change that can be promoted with information technology.
1)Automation: improve efficiency and make manual steps not required
2)Rationalization: Streamline standard operating procedures
3)Business process reengineering: Analyze, simplify, and redesign business processes
4)Paradigm shifts: Rethink the nature of the business and the nature of organization.
• Define business process management and describe the steps required to carry it out.
Business process management: use various tools and methodologies to analyze existing processes, design new process, and optimize those processes and it can never be over
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1) Identify the user’s basic requirements. The systems designer works with the user only long enough to find out the user’s basic information demands
2) Develop an initial prototype. The systems designer creates a working prototype quickly, using tools for rapidly generating software.
3) Use the prototype. The user should work with the system to judge how well the prototype meets his or her needs and to make ideas for improving the prototype.
4) Revise and enhance the prototype.
The system builder notes all changes the user requests and refines the prototype accordingly.
• Define an application software package. Explain the advantages and disadvantages of developing information systems based on 1software packages.
Using a software package reduces the amount of design, programming, testing, installation, and maintenance work required to build a system. Application software packages are helpful if a firm does not have the internal information systems staff or financial resources to custom develop a system. To meet an organization’s unique requirements, packages may require extensive modifications that can substantially raise development costs.
• Define end-user development and describe its advantages and disadvantages.
End-user development is the phenomenon that some types of information systems can be developed by end


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