Marriott International

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The Marriot International Hotels have had a long standing history of being recognized as one of the most prestigious hotels. The Marriot Hotel has specific expectations and responsibilities that are expected from their employees on a regular basis. Their reputation derives from the conduct of the Marriott associates who create this professional business environment on a day to day basis. The hotel industry can be a very unpredictable environment. Employees at the Marriott are confronted with situations on a daily that test their values, beliefs and judgments. The reputation of the Marriot is built upon the actions of their employees at these times. It is vital for each member of the Marriott staff to understand the legal and ethical …show more content…
* Is the action legal? * Is it consistent with Marriott’s business values, and is it a wining situation for both Marriott and the customers? * How would you feel about your decision if your friends and community learned about it in the media? * What would you do if you Marriott and you were responsible for our reputation?
Confidentiality not retaliation has always been a policy with the Marriott Corporation. The Marriot International respects the confidentially of its associates who report potential Business conduct violations and has no retaliation policy for associates who raise concern honestly and in good faith.
The hotel industry is full of potential business venture. This is due to large amount of competitor in this one particular market. The Marriott International is a corporation strong enough to merge and acquired various hotels that fall short of their financial bottom line. Since 1993 to present, the Marriott International has made 21 acquisitions while taking stakes in 3 companies and has 67 divestitures. The most recent merger was the acquisition of the 176 room Residence Inn in Manhattan Beach California by Investcorp Real Estate in June 2011 (Mandzy 2011). The investment manager from Investcorp, plans to renovate and upgrade the property, which will operate under a new franchise agreement with Marriott International. Investcorp states that its total investment would be $40 million, which includes the costs of the renovation. In the


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