European Eonomis: Report Regarding the Potiential of Lily O’brien’s Chocolates to Expand Its Operations Into Eu Markets

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European Economics
Beverley Burgess

Report Regarding the Potiential of Lily O’Brien’s Chocolates to Expand its Operations into EU Markets

Mary Ann O’Brien started making chocolates in her kitchen in 1992 with two pans and a wooden spoon. The only helper she had was her l baby girl, Lily, who became later on with the success of her chocolates the company's name and chief taster.
In Co Kildare, they have developed a mouth-watering repertoire of delicious chocolates using the finest ingredients. These chocolates have been created from the passion and pleasure of the makers of these delicious chocolates.

Task 1
Analyse the Potential held by EU markets for Lily O’Brien Chocolates.

Since starting the company in 1992, Lily
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In order to get the chocolates placed in new distribution channels there must be preparation work in researching distribution networks across the EU.

If Lily O’Brien’s were to be supplied by Lidl or Aldi both who have the supermarket chain scattered in mostly every corner in Europe , the chocolates would instantly have been given an almighty boost in European markets.

The downside though Lily O’Brien’s chocolates price here (with no overseas shipping cost at around 10 Euros) Lidl and Aldi pride themselves on quality at lower prices. I think the price would be a turnoff for the company.

Another European Chain supermarket may be the better option for Lily O’Brien to look into. Dunne’s Stores now have supermarkets in Spain so that may be another lead to consider.

To get in also with a hotel chain such as The Marriott it would also boost sales with orders coming in for a worldwide hotel. The hotel could purchase the chocolates for serving along with coffee if the hotel residents do not choose dessert after dinner. Also they could be bought for regular corporate events, customers. or even on room service.

To be sold in a coffee shop such as illy cafe would be fantastic as it is an extremely popular European coffee shop. The well known coffee shop would also be a major marketing boost it a supply could be brought into illy’s popularity and gain recognition also for the chocolates.