Worth of the Public Education

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Worth of The Public Education
Education has a tremendous impact on the human society. It begins at birth and continues until a person’s last day on earth. Human beings gain knowledge and information through education, and use them constantly throughout their lives. Leaders of nations have been thinking constantly how to educate their citizens, because of education’s role as a vital instrument in the development of an individual and society. There are different forms of education exist in the human society. The Most obvious one is the public education. The society offers the free public education to its citizens and citizens are required to take proper education in order to become vital members of the society. The public education, and
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The study, “Indicators of School Crime and Safety” illustrates that “In 2005, 8 percent of students in grades 9-12 reported being threatened or injured with a weapon in the previous 12 months, and 25 percent reported that drugs were made available to then on school property” (1). This study proves that the public schools no longer play their role as safe havens for teaching and learning, free of crime and violence. Why students have to go to school? There is no right answer to this question, because other systems such as homeschooling can provide the similar or the better environment for teaching and learning. Students and teachers don’t have to deal with the things that they don’t need to deal with. Schools are spending a millions of dollars to prevent crimes in schools, even though the money should be spent on students and educational purposes. John Taylor Gatto explains his point of view in his article, “Do we really need school? And if so, for what? Don’t hide behind reading, writing, and arithmetic as a rationale, because 2 million happy homeschoolers have surely put that banal justification to rest” (153). Students do not deserve to go through metal detectors, weapon checks, or random drug testing of athletes. Students come to schools to learn, and that is the only purpose. Schools are not prisons. Students and teachers should reevaluate the public education system if it doesn’t provide a good learning environment. One of the advantages to


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