Marketing Mix

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1 – Research Braaap Organisation
Braaap designs and test the braaapster range of superlite motorcycles here in Australia. Their passion is superlite riding and racing. Braaap was founded by brad smith in Tasmania, Australia and has now grown into an international success and family business, the braaap family.The braaap family includes their pasisonate franchisee’s who are the pioneer’s in developing the the superlite industry, the braap retail experience, the braaap club and community group and the club tracks + complexs in their regions. the braaap retail concept store has been awarded some of the highest honours in business including 3x Australian Specialised Retail business of the year, this couldnt happen if it wasnt for the team
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The methods used by Braaap is getting good results, the brand is recognized outside Australia as well. It means that Braaap is on the top of the market and competing with the traditional and biggest brands around the world.
B- The Channels of Distribution
The products and the services are distributed electronically, where the costumers can buy online on the website or in stores located across Australia.

5 – Braaap’s potencial customer base and key pressure
Before marketing your products and services it is important to define your customer base or target market. Braaap’s clients are people who love motorcycles whatever if it is professionally or just a sport on free time. There is a huge difference of ages between the customers of Braaap’s, they have equipments for all ages, no matter if you are 4 years old or 60. But the biggest slide of braaap’s clients are young from 20 untill 35 years old. Those people practice motocross as hobby and lifestyle with a lot of passion. They consume a lot of equipments and they are always trying to get the new products and technologies. A variety of students, professionals and retires include the characteristics of braaap’s costumers.
Unfortunelly for Braaap’s business only men used to practice this kind of sport, there are few women around the world but it is incomparable with the numbers of men, no exceptions anywhere in the Earth. Braaap knows it and they have started a strategy to get more


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