Hotel and Marketing Mix

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B629- Managing 2: Marketing and Finance

Problem related to marketing mix and performance measurement

By Yennifer Pereira (PI: A8407709)

August 2012
Word count: 2415
1. Description of my organisation 2. Description of the marketing mix 3. Identify, analyse and summarise a problem relating marketing mix 4. Solution 5. Identify, analyse and summarise a problem relating performance management 6. Solution 7. References

1. Description of my organisation
Travelodge is budget hotel brand that was launch on the UK in 1985 and currently operates more than 450 hotels in Ireland, Spain and the UK. The company is growing very fast and is planning to operate more than 70,000
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This issue has arise due to cost issues, the company main target in previous years was to spend revenue in building and opening new hotel, as new building arise new refurbishment ideas follow, and different layout happen without been concern on the image and standardization of the brand.
Even though Travelodge has been very good in maintaining a set a strict rule about the advertisement provide in each hotel, all the leaflets and brochures were the same and similar supplier use, the actual hotels rooms due not comply with the corporate image.
This in overall affects the perspective not only of the customer, but the staff members. This links with the concept that there are four critical areas of success, the customer perspective that if is currently no been meet, the internal process perspective which are no satisfying customer needs as we are providing in some cases old, out of date and damage rooms, the innovation and learning perspective, also no been accomplish as the repeats customers keeps using this Travelodge’s but no does not sees any improvement or change and the financial perspective which is also no been meet due to having to spend more money in opening hotels and not focusing on refurnishing the old ones.
To summarise the problem Travelodge has spend too much money focusing in building new hotels, that focusing in the corporate image, due to the different layouts in rooms, location of hotels customers expectations are no been meet


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