Jasper Jones Chapter Summary

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Chapter 1

-Chapter 1 introduces the two main characters, Jasper Jones and Charlie.

-The chapter begins with Jasper coming to Charlie's window in the middle of the night and asking Charlie to leave his house in order to help him.

-Charlie seems to feel honoured that Jasper has asked for his help. Charlie describes Jasper.

-Jasper explains that he needs Charlie's help but he won't tell him why.

-They walk through their town, Corrigan, until Jasper stops to smoke a cigarette in front of the house of the town's Mad Jack Lionel.

-Jasper tells him this is not where they're going and keep walking. Charlie tells us that Jasper has a bad reputation in their town, because of his skin colour he is severely blamed and mistreated.
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He does it he's superman, not a batman he runs across town to Eliza's street because her house is on fire her dad is being carted out on a stretcher
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