Marketing Mix - H&R Block

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Marketing Mix - H&R Block
MKT 421

Marketing Mix
As we all know, marketing is a necessary part of our daily life. Not only are products and services marketed, but we market ourselves as part of everyday business. I spent time this week speaking with a close friend of mind who is a Store Manager for H&R Block discussing the 4-Ps and how they pertain to his organization. It was very interesting to see how different industries market their products and services. Does the thought of receiving your tax return immediately grasp your attention? Well it has definitely helped H&R Block in boosting their ability to attract customers. It seems as thought immediate gratification is a promotion
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The referral bonus is as follows: each client is given five coupons to hand out to friends and/or family. Each referral receives a five-dollar discount on the final price of their return while the client who referred them receives a check for ten-dollars after April 15th when all referrals are tallied. An individual client is not allowed to make more than fifty-dollars per year on this program. The second promotion that comes to mind is last years' "Double your refund giveaway!" Each client who had a return completed by an H&R Block associate or through their online tax program received a scratch off ticket, similar to those used by the state lotteries. If two of the three boxes match, they won that prize. They ranged from music CD's, tax preparation, cash prizes, or the opportunity to double their federal refund up to $10,000. It is due to promotions like these, expert associates, expanded services, and convenient locations that clients continue to return to H&R Block year after year. I notice that since the end of the year is quickly approaching that two new stores within less than a mile of each other are getting ready to open near my house. I would have to say the marketing mix must be working for H& R Block!
The marketing mix is most likely the most notorious phrase in marketing. The elements are the marketing tactics and strategies that all


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