Marketing Mix

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Establish and Adjust the Marketing Mix

The largest moto fashion retrailer in AUS is the slogan of Braaap. This paper would explained the market mix strategies used at Braaap to become a successful company in business of dirt bike, pit bike and mini bike. Pricing, Promotion, Products, Channels of distribution and Customer Serviced are the key ingredients at Braaap. The report would give the samples approaching to customer.
Pit bike, Dirt Bike, Mini Bike and their parts and accessories are available to shop online and in store. Braaap offers their own brand name bike or other major brands including: ProTaper, Renthal, Daytona, Elka and Castrol. Braaap refers their
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Therefore, it is not necessary to store everything at a branch but spread among branches. Online market is also additional tool at Braaap is used to enhance the market opportunity where the customer can purchase goods online. 4) Campaign / Promotion offers
Promotion is one of a market tool to succeed in business. Price reduction or special price would bring the new customer or existing customer to come back and purchase the products. Customer base at Braaap is young-adult who is passionate in dirt bike sport. Since they are young, their finance situation may not allow them to pay a huge amount out of pocket at a time. Therefore, to have promotion such as loan or payment plan would increase the sales opportunity.
External Environment Factor [Q7]
The external environment factor is a factor that has an impact and happens outside the business. The most common external environment factor is refereed as the competitor, the legal system, the economics etc.
Competitor is a top factor that has directly impact on the business at Braaap. The competitor at Braaap is other motorcycle shop who offers the same or similar products and goods. If the customer prefers to shop at other competitor stores, it means Braaap is losing the margin in business.
Another factor with also relatively direct to Braaap business is Australian’s economy. To purchase a new motorcycle or bike means the customer must have purchasing power and is willing to pay. Therefore, when Australia has


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