Manchester United Case Study

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What in detail are the core competencies of Manchester United football club?
We can say that Manchester‘s « core » core competencies are first of all, their capability to play good football associated with their capability to manage successfully their brand name (“Branding”).

Play good football

Any football team that pretends to be one of the best in the world has to play good football and have good players in order to be attractive and credible to its public. One of Manchester United’s strength is that they own the best players in the world. One of Manchester United strategy is to buy the best players.


Manchester United has created a strong brand name associated with performance and rich tradition. It is really easy to
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The football club is also more and more popular in the US, in Europe or in South Africa. In this way the famous football club will have to be continuously connected with its fans which are so important for the club. To get more and more fans MU make high-profile playing trips in different countries in order to attract new fans and to turn them into customers.

Moreover MU’s strategy will have to come from various different streams, include expanding merchandising and new media operations even further, and also by putting up ticket prices.
We can also believe that TV and sponsorship revenues will continue to grow in the future, which would be a further attraction.

To conclude let us notice Manchester United has a long-term strategy to connect with its fans and it is its biggest challenge over the next few years.

How can a foorball club with a brand name as well known as Manchester United make use of that brand name? How can it best manage that brand name?
Using a well known Brand
A well known brand is one which is recognised and appreciated by the majority of the people . When a brand is as well known as Manchester United, it has very fewer problems than most of the entry brands and lower costs associated with positioning the brand. A well known brand could be used for marketing any product ranging from FMCG products to financial services. For a football club


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