Motivation for High School Students

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Milestone3: Motivation for High School Students

Sharon Robinson

Walden University


Milestone 3: Motivation For High School Students

With so many of life many failure attempts to succeed in life, we see those individuals that have dropped out of school and feel that their life now seems meaningless. Their determination or will power wasn’t strong, and they had no one to push them forward to want to be a better person or succeed in life. Some students today feel that all they have to do is just attend school just because of their parents’ wishes for them to receive a diploma. Some feel that classes are boring and frustrating and a waste of time and energy. Why do students of today feel this way?
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They feel as if they have really accomplished a goal especially when the teacher shows them gratitude, and give them praise of a job well done.
Students that are told what a good job they've done feel they are appreciated and heard. Some tend to strive harder for the next assignments to receive that same praise for accomplishing 4 that first goal. They know that they have put forth effort to achieve, and reached a goal that they may have thought was the impossible. I observed ideas in the article “Some Ideas for Motivating Students,” “Everyone likes the feeling of accomplishment and recognition; rewards for good work produce those good feelings. Rather than criticizing unwanted behavior or answers, reward correct behavior and answers.” (Harris, 2010, p2). From some of my life experience, I have learned that when someone is offered verbal praise, and awarded some type of reward, they tend to strive to be better on the next task. Teachers should also acknowledge their students and offer rewards. Offering verbal praise makes one feel special. Giving rewards makes you proud of yourself. Teachers can give students certificates, shows gratitude, or even exemptions from final exams, provides a sense that you are extraordinarily talented and gifted. The student is receiving gifts of accomplishment, and learning at the same time. And they feel proud of the job they have completed, and now know that the teacher is involved, and


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