Managing Your Boss

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Organizational Behavior
Prof. Fernando Bartolome
Case Study Report

1. What mistakes did Diego make in the way he behaved during his 8 months at Innovaciones Metalurgicas
First of all, Diego did not take any action to understand Gloria’s real objectives for the two tasks; ”To work alone on a very difficult set of technical problems” and “To attend the weekly coordination meetings”. Due to poor communication with Gloria, Diego misinterpreted her needs, and received negative feedback on the proposals. However, most importantly, during 8 months of his employment, Diego never made an effort to learn Gloria’s real objectives. He should have investigated various clues related to her needs; such as looking at business plans of
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・There is an opportunity to acquire new skills and experience.
・He could make new professional connection.

・It is not easy to change a job, especially if he chooses a consulting job, because he has spent only 8 months at Innovaciones Metalurgicas, and has not acquired enough skill yet as a consultant.
・There is high possibility to decrease his salary. It is easily assumed that his current salary is relatively high since he is an MBA holder, and it would be more difficult for Diego to engage in a satisfying job.
・He has to learn a new job and a new culture.
・The new culture might be a mismatch for Diego, again.
・Unless he changes his attitude toward to his boss and co-worker, he would face the same problem in a new company as that in his current situation. Second alternative is to start to find and apply for a new internal position in a different department. Pros and cons are below.

・Diego would continue to adapt to the culture and develop experience at the same company, even though he moves to another department.
・He would reduce the risk of decreasing his market value by avoiding a change of the company after such a short term.
・He would have a new boss.
・He could develop additional skills.

・He has to spend much energy to sneak behind Gloria's back and to find an internal new position. He might not be able to concentrate on his work and underperform.
・If Gloria realizes his attempt, the relationship between Diego and Gloria will


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