Lisa Benton Case Study Analysis

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In Lisa Benton’s case, there are several leadership issues concerning her Product manager Linton, the Associate Product manager Scoville, and Vernon, the Group Product Manager for Air Fresheners. Benton met her supervisor, Deborah Linton, just in her first day, because she had not met her during the interview process and this first meeting shows different lacks in Linton’s leadership style.
From the beginning, Linton made it clear to Benton that she did not like MBAs because they are arrogant. However, Linton’s inability to contain herself shows a prejudice against MBAs that is not professional and is also on the opposite side of the current company policy about hiring and promotions (D. Goleman “What
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In addition, she might also have to run into her coworker’s condescending and irritating attitudes. However, by staying in her position, she could develop a good reputation as an employee and future leader. She could demonstrate her loyalty to the company and her ability to manage work relationships with her difficult manager and coworker.
If she switches to another brand, Benton might get the training that she always wanted and she could focus on her career development without interference from Linton and Scoville. Further, Vernonmight be more likely to give her his support to switch to another brand. However, this option might have a negative impact onher reputation. Taking this option could make the other employees feel envious and this could alienate her superiors. Also, this will likely make her seemas someone who was not able to manage her work relationships with her boss and to manage conflict.
Another option was to ask Kingston to join Right-away stores. By joining this company, Benton could get a more comfortable job with higher salary anda more challenging job. However, there would be a lot of responsibility that could be a problem for her private life. Some other problems are that this company is not glamorous and she would be the only female manager. Further, in view of the advantages and drawbacks on every option and Benton’s future career and leadership development, we recommend that shestay in her current position.