Research Paper on Climate Change: the Myth of Global Warming

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Research Paper on Climate Change: The Myth of Global Warming


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Conducting scientific studies and experiments on a global scale would be next to impossible for high school students like us.

THEORETICAL FRAMEWORK The most recognized examples of modern climate change are known as the Medieval Warming Period and the Little Ice Age. The Medieval Warming Period (MWP) took place between 800 and 1300 AD and consisted of temperatures up to 5oF warmer than today. These temperatures played a huge role in history, as it was what allowed the Vikings to colonize Greenland. Although it is currently being debated, this period of warmth could have been global. If so, the slightly elevated temperatures seen over the last thirty years would not be unprecedented. Following the MWP was the Little Ice Age (LIA). This period consisted of three consecutive cold spikes with slightly warmer periods in-between. These spikes occurred at about 1650,1770, and 1850 and are well documented in North America and Europe. As with the MWP, it is debatable whether these were global events (Natural and anthropogenic climate change, 2004). Regardless, a correlation between temperature and sun spot activity known as the Maunder Minimum developed with help from observations from that time (An imperative for climate change planning, 2009). Not only do these historical events contradict the current theory of man-mad global warming; the research gained from these events brings to light other justification for


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