Personal Mastery

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Personal Knowledge = Personal Mastery

How well does one know themselves? How will one lead? How are these questions related? In the topic of Personal Mastery the two questions are the yin and yang of leadership. Theory being a leader, who wants to be a good person, will inevitably be the good leader he wanted to be. The recipe for Personal Mastery is, creating a personal vision of what one wants, maintaining a clear view of the challenges before oneself and the road ahead of one, allowing creative tension to bring both of these together. The end result is a beautiful recipe for both life and leadership. In the assigned reading for this class the writer is of the opinion that Personal Mastery is never mastered. Just as human
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Heifetz discusses working with others and incorporating the ideas of others towards a common organizational responsibilities and theories. Helping and being a mentor to others is positive. Helping those around one hone their hunger for success is something a true leader can do and not feel threatened by the dreams of those with whom they work. Heifetz also says "Recognizing and managing these hungers is an individual effort, because each of us is so unique"(p.164). If a leader has a hard time understanding themselves only a Personal Masterer can understand others. Heifetz warns though about how the desire to fulfill others is different from the desire to serve others. Greenleaf also warns about this. Both say that one must be able to see the goal in front of them all the time. Always being able to keep in mind what is the best for everyone. Heifetz says "In leading people, you will tune into their needs as well as your own. In connecting with hopes and frustrations, it is easy to become the storehouse of their yearnings" (p.165).
In the writer's personal experience putting others before oneself has not always been proven to be a good decision. People have seen that attribute as a weakness, instead of a virtue. Knowing what the writer know now she can reflect on the situation and see how she was manipulated into not doing what was best for the organization. She took her eye off of her personal vision.
Personal Mastery is so complex the writer wonders if it can ever


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