Emirates Airline, Inflight Service Department in Managing Knowledge, Communication and Information

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Emirates Airline
Inflight Service Department
Managing Communication, Knowledge and Information

The Inflight service department purpose is to deliver the five star inflight experience to our valued customers onboard. The best strategy to deliver the best experience to customers is to distribute outstanding knowledge among cabin crew about inflight product and services. With on ground appropriate training , cabin crew manage to have sufficient knowledge about basic product and services but to feed the cabin crew continuously with onboard update and change the management need to maintain a way that make the crew aware about the change so they can apply the change onboard in time.
Moreover, to make sure the cabin crew acknowledge the change
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To collect all those information company need to set up huge networking among its staff to provide the company feedback about ideas and company performances as well as external networking with customers, business partner or maybe even competitors.
Emirates widely use feedback form as a mean of communication with its customers, especially high valued frequent flyer, when they bring a lot pf profit to the company it would be useful to hear their feedback so area of development can be addressed and corrected efficiently not to let Emirates competitors improve and provide better service and product than Emirates.

4.) What to improve the organizational effectiveness?

• Managing feedback from employees should be improved to make sure the effectiveness of working environment and not to dismotivate employees to give more feedback to the company

Ideas of products and service routine on Emirates flight might come from management and cabin crew has been trained to apply it onboard in order to deliver the best service for Emirates customers. If there is anything to add or to be corrected, actually cabin crew is the best resources to acknowledge it at the first place and to let the management know about it, so new change can be introduced in purpose to correct the previous one.

But Emirates is a big organization with tall pyramid of work structure, and sometimes it is take long time for the company to respond


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