Analysis of Brave New World by Aldous Huxley

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Brave New World by Aldous Huxley is a novel about the future of the world being a dystopian society in which the populous is kept ignorantly complacent. What makes this book unique is not that it is a book about what the future will bring, but that it is an indirect source of the cost of what such a future entails. Huxley also has a feverish use of reader assumption, often leaving readers to guess the outcome of situations through description and well placed hints. Lastly, Huxley seems to have a pension for being exact in both percentages that are used by characters for information in the story and how he writes, he likes to have control of what exactly his words inspire.
Brave New World is an interesting book in and of itself for
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Two hundred and sixty-seven days at eight metres a day. Two thousand one hundred and thirty-six metres in all. One circuit of the cellar at ground level, one on the first gallery…half on the second, and on the two hundred and sixty-seventh morning, daylight in the Decanting Room.” (Huxley CH1). It can be seen that in the society of Brave New World being exact is very important, these figures help to show the reader the importance of stability to society here everything has to be exact, the same, ‘“We don’t want change. Change is a menace to stability.”’(Huxley, CH16). Even Huxley himself can be very exact when writing, often leaving out very little in terms of description, “That which had made Helmholtz so uncomfortably aware of being himself and all alone was too much ability. What the two men shared was the knowledge that they were individuals. But whereas the physically defective Bernard had suffered all his life from the consciousness of being separate, it was only quite recently that, grown aware of his mental excess, Helmholtz Watson had also become aware of his difference from the people who surrounded him.”(Huxley, CH4). When writing like this Huxley has complete control over thoughts, opinions, and emotions, giving him an exactness in his writing that leaves little to the imagination. Huxley uses a combination of exact detail


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